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Monday, 29 June 2020



The Gujarat Educational Research and Training Council (GCERT) is a leading state. The latest Tweets from Doordarshan Girnar (@ddgirnarlive). Home learning classes educational program. Every day, students will receive home learning study material through social media and DD Girnar by August 2020. Std 4 DD Girnar home learning study material video / Diksha portal video @, Std 3 to 12 DD home learning study materials video Girnar / Diksha video portal.

DD Girnar Time Table For Std 3 to 12 Gujarat Students: Moral education can include the sanctity of the human character and the development of his personality, the process of physical, mental and spiritual healing, the quest to integrate culture and science, as well as the process of freeing man from fear, inertia and ignorance. True education is the name of the harmonious combination of science and ethics. The educational system must be such that it removes all kinds of obstacles and prepares man for his responsibility with the best intelligence and self-esteem. The intellect of man today is ten.

Now Day, education doesn't have to be expensive. Everywhere we are hearing the word of digital India everywhere, and mobile is a smartphone now, today, this term changed the face of educational life in India.There are many students who belong to two different cities in India, they do not have adequate resources for training institutes. In those moments when everything is just a click away, Digital India changes revolutionary education.

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30/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

29/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

28/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

27/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

26/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

25/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

24/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

23/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

22/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

21/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

20/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

19/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

18/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

17/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

16/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

15/6/2020 Home Learning Video : From Here

Schools also try to connect with students using WhatsApp and other social media applications. Its aim is to provide students with a lot of learning material at the door. Next we will see the Gujarat government calendar that the government announces for students to learn at home.
DD Girnar Channel Numbers [Cable + Channel]

1. GTPL Cable DD Girnar Number – 275

2. Airtel DD Girnar Channel Number – 589

3. Tata SKY DD Girnar Channel Number – 1749

4. Videocon DD Girnar Channel Number – 878

5. Dish TV DD Girnar Channel Number – 1279

6. Sun DD Girnar Channel Number – 660

Distance education or distance education is the education of students who are not always physically present in a school. Traditionally, this generally involved correspondence courses in which the student communicated with the school by mail. Today, it involves online education. A distance learning program can be either fully distance learning, or a combination of distance learning and traditional classroom instruction (hybrid or mixed calling).

Offering massive open online courses (MOOCs), which offer large-scale interactive participation and open access through the World Wide Web or other network technologies, are recent educational modes in distance education. Various other terms (distributed learning, e-learning, m-learning, online learning, virtual classroom, etc.) are used roughly as synonyms for distance education.Google is our library and Wikipedia is our encyclopedia. Thesaurus is our dictionary, and Kindle is our textbook. Right now, the educational system to change our teaching methods through digital technology is the only way to give light to the lives of our students.

Online education platform (standard time table 3 to 12 DD Girnar for online education). The Internet cannot reach everyone Therefore, the Ministry of Human Resources Development also explores radio and television. One of the main points is to start 12 DTH channels, each dedicated to a class of standard one to twelve.

DD-Girnar is the Gujarati-language regional channel of India's national broadcaster Doordarshan. Doordarshan is an autonomous public service broadcaster founded by the Government of India. It is broadcast from the studios at Doordarshan Kendra (Center) in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Now popularly known as DD Girnar, this 24 × 7 channel broadcasts a branch of entertainment and news.


Home Learning Time-Table

In an attempt to ensure that the new academic session is not affected by the pandemic, the Gujarat government announced the 'Home Learning' program for Gujarati middle schools on Saturday starting June 15.Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said in Gandhinagar that the curriculum for students from Class III to XII will be covered in educational programs to be broadcast on DD Girnar. The Vande Gujarat channel will also show programs for students from Class V to XII.The agreement is for medium Gujarati students from public and private schools.

Secretary (primary and secondary education) Vinod Rao told THE WEEK that an estimated 70 lakh children will benefit from 'Learning at Home'. While the new academic sessions begin June 15, Rao said that the physical reopening of the schools would depend on the situation of COVID-19. Students must be prepared for longer learning at home, he added.

The state government has arranged to provide worksheets to students who do not have the television or mobile facility. They will also receive textbooks. According to Rao, the distribution of the worksheets should be completed in four to five days.Textbooks are QR coded and students can view them via mobile. In addition, audiovisual material is also included.

Students from across the state will be able to study from home on the Vande Gujarat channel through DD Girnar and Byseg. The schedule for DD Girnar's educational programs has been published so that students can prepare for the topic in a timely manner and learn effectively in online study. In which only the students of Std. 9 during the first 6 days will be able to study from 12 to 1 in the afternoon. Std. 9 students will be able to study starting June 21st while the programs for Std. 10 students will not be published on DD Girnar.

Only Std 12 students will be able to study for 8 days from 3 to 4 pm and not Std 11 students. For the next 5 consecutive days, Std. 11 students will be able to watch the program at DD Girnar, not Std. 12 Byseg will publish educational programs on various Vande Gujarat channels. In addition, programs will also be uploaded to the Board's YouTube channel 'GSHSEB Gandhinagar'. Study material must be released to all schools through the District Education Officer. The school principal has the responsibility to inform parents and students about the home learning program.

Now, there are more than 6 million students who are currently taking online courses as part of their higher education program. Approximately 85% of students think of online learning or better than the traditional classroom experience.

There are many types of resources available for online learning, such as e-books, magazines, videos, taped lectures, quizzes, discussion forums, live question-and-answer sessions, and webinars. The resources offered to you for online learning will depend on the student institution. Some online learning programs may require physical textbooks. Conversely, some advance online institutions learn by mail.
There are some benefits of online education.

Flexibility, variety of programs and courses, lower total costs, comfortable learning environment, avoiding commuting, improving your technical skills, transferring credits, etc. all the benefits of online education. Online education students can effectively manage their time, learn textbooks, and complete assignments on their own schedules to name just a few benefits of the online digital platform.

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